Ange et Camée Collier ras du cou (アンジュ エ カメ コリエ ラ デュ ク)

38,000 JPY日元 税別tax not included不包括税 

加算ポイントPoints you receive for this order本次购物获得的积分380pt

商品コード: 2018-034_18-907

juliette et justineのブランドアイコンと天使の細工が施された、オリジナルカメオのアクセサリー。




The original cameo accessory, which is decorated with the brand icon of "juliette et justine" and a carving of the angel.
It has the gorgeousness of pearls and rhinestones, and the loveliness of an original ribbon motif is added.
The choker necklace of the cameo is full of a profound feeling and brings out the beauty of the decoration and the specialty of coordinates.

Order acceptance period:November 23 - December 7
Delivery Date:Early April 2019

*Please note that because the photos of products were taken of product samples, the actual products may differ a little in color and specifications. Please also note that this may happen, depending on the settings of the monitor, too.

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Juliette et Justine的品牌图标与天使的精细雕刻所呈现的原创浮雕装饰品。 在珍珠与人造钻石所表现出的华美之外,更添加了原创蝴蝶结构造所展现的可爱之处。 洋溢着厚重感的浮雕项圈,能引出您胸口的美感,以及搭配的特别感。



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Size Free
全長 Length 总长度 44
カメオパーツ Cameo parts 浮雕配件 W 2.5 / H 3.0
素材 Materials 面料 スズ合金 / 真鍮 / スワロフスキー / ポリエステル樹脂 / プラパール Tin alloy / brass / Swarovski / polyester resin / Plastic pearl 锡合金 / 黄铜 / 施华洛世奇水晶 / 聚酯树脂 / 塑料珍珠
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