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How to Order

Please also see Shopping Guide.

Select the item and check the circle of the correct color/size that you wish to purchase.
Click the red 'Cart' button.

Your order information will appear. If the item is correct, click the red 'Purchase' button. (At this point, the total is not finalized for an order with a shipping address outside Japan because it doesn't include the international shipping and also it includes the Consumption Tax. We will let you know the finalized total amount in our 'confirmation e-mail' later.)

If you have a membership, press the red 'Sign in' button. If you would like to register now, press the red 'Create an Acount' button. If you would like to shop without a membership, press the green 'Checkout' button to continue.
接下来如果您有会员帐号,请点击红色的“登录(Sign in)”按钮,并进行登录。如果您希望注册成为会员,您可以点击红色的“注册(Create an Acount)”按钮进行注册。如果您不希望登录,而是以“游客”身份进行本次购物,请点击绿色的“購入手続きへ”按钮继续购物。请在之后的页面填写好您的收件信息,点击下一步按钮继续购物流程。

Enter your information required (with ※marks).

お名前(Name) : family name first

郵便番号(Zip code) : This form is for a Japanese zip code, so if yours doesn't fit in, enter 0s and write the correct zip code in the message column on the next page.
邮编:本页面是为日本国内发送而设计,如果您没有日本国内的收件地址,请在左侧的邮编框中填写3个数字0,请在右侧的框中填写4个数字0.您可以在下一个页面的消息框中(その他お問い合わせ Message)填写您正确的邮政编码。

ご住所(Address) : Select ' other city. Enter your address in the order that should be written in your country: from the house number and the street name to city, state, and the country.
地址:请选择“其他城市(other city)”,请按照您所在国家的书写习惯输入您完整的收件地址,书写顺序为:国家,省份,城市,区县,街道名称,街道号码,小区名称,楼牌号码,门牌号码。

電話番号(Telephone number) (电话号码)

メールアドレス(Email address)

Continue by pressing the green button ON THE LEFT. Select the payment method. There is a message column below. You can enter your whole shipping address here to make sure it is entered accurately. Now you are almost there! Press the green button on the right to check out. You will receive an automatic response right away, but please wait until you receive another 'Thank you for shopping' e-mail from our staff.
The order form page is an encrypted page so when you first go to the order form page, maybe a "Security Warning" will appear on the screen. Please click "O.K" to enter the order form page. Note that if you click "No", you will not be able to enter. Once you enter, this security warning should not appear on subsequent times, but the page will remain encrypted. In the case where you are not able to use either the shopping cart or the order form, please order by mail. We will check your order and return a mail within 2 business days.

个人信息填写完成后,请点击左侧绿色的按钮继续。接下来请选择付款方式。在下方有一个消息框,为确保您收件信息的准确性,在这里您可以输入您完整的收件地址。现在整个购物过程即将完成,请点击右侧的绿色按钮进行结账,您将会很快收到一个由系统自动发出的邮件到您填写的邮箱,但是请稍等,稍后还会有一封由我们工作人员人工发出的“感谢您购物的(Thank you for shopping)”电子邮件发送到您的邮箱。
订单页面是一个加密页面,所以当您首次进入订单页面时,屏幕上将显示“安全警告”。 请点击“O.K”进入订单页面。请注意,如果您点击“否”,您将无法进入此页面。 此安全警告仅显示一次,此安全警告将不会在以后出现,但整个页面将保持加密状态。 如果您无法使用购物车或订单表格进行购物,请通过电子邮件的方式联系我们进行订购。 我们将在收到订购邮件的2个工作日内,确认您的订购邮件并进行回复。

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