Blanc et Bavardage-Art Column-

Blanc et Bavardage-The dress of love wrapped in stars

 Juliette et Justine × illustrator Naffy collaboration dress

  In the snowy night filled with falling stars, a girl whispered a small wish to a shooting star, hoping her heart would always overflow with love and curiosity. The wish, carried by the Aurora's bridge, flew towards the white bears living in Ursa Major. The gentle white bears listened to the girl's tale and enveloped her .

 A dress harbors the magic of fantasy, and is filled with love.

Polar Bears Descending from Ursa Major

Shooting Stars — Your Wishes in Divine Light

 Shimmering shooting stars illuminate the night sky in an instant, descending from the distant heavens known only by the gods to the world of humankind. Throughout ancient times to the present day, people have regarded shooting stars as gifts from the heavens, symbols of luck and mysticism, and imbued them with countless wishes and aspirations.

  In Christianity, it's believed that when God gazes upon the human world, the gates of heaven open, and heavenly light falls as stars. It's said that if people make wishes at this moment, God hears and grants them.

Ursa Major and Ursa Minor — Stars Overflowing with Love

 Calisto, the beautiful daughter of Arcadian King, was a devoted servant of the hunting goddess Artemis. However, from her affair with Zeus, the king of gods, a son named Arcas was born. Despite being a servant of the gods, she fell in love, broke the rules, and was expelled by Artemis. Learning of her existence, Hera's wrath transformed Calisto into the form of a bear.

 To protect the mother and child, Zeus ascended them to the heavens, where Calisto became Ursa Major and her son, Ursa Minor. The story of this loving mother and son remains eternally shining in the sky.

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