About "JeJ"

- Concept and History -

You regain the true you

JeJ's dress evokes the true beauty within you when worn,
Its appearance in the mirror is that you are the only one that is irreplaceable.
And it reminds you that you are an art of living.

Wearing JeJ's dress, stretch your back and walk around the city.
Its brilliance makes people around you aware that you are special,
Attract people who sympathize with the values of beauty,
Then, we ask the people around us what it means to live beautifully and noblely.

JeJ's dress that expresses free and delicate beauty without being bound by common sense.
I hope that by wearing it, you will regain your original brilliance and your life will shine even more beautifully.

Fabrication sur mesureBuild-to-order manufacturing

Our dresses are made to order.
JeJ dresses, which are made one by one by Japanese craftsmen, are difficult to mass-produce, and we take a make-to-order system to deliver the highest quality dresses to everyone who wants to buy them.
n addition, it is also an consideration for environmental issues to deliver only to customers who need it.

JeJ's dresses are truly "artwork" by craftsmen who love making clothes, which can only be obtained for a limited period of time.
It will bring you a fateful encounter experience.

Marcher avec l'artAbout design

We use paintings that have been loved by many for hundreds of years as motifs in our works. The reason is that the special existence of you is worth the work, and the artistry of the painting, which is called a masterpiece, is combined with it to create a unique brilliance.

In addition, the patterner, who has been trained in ready-to-wear in Italy, is meticulous in every detail so that the dress has a feminine, elegant and beautiful silhouette.

JeJ's elegance consists of CrazyElegance, FantasyElegance and TimelessElegance.
Unique prints not found in other brands and age- and fashion-agnostic chic are the hallmarks of our brand.
Please enjoy JeJ's elegant and classical world view.

Fabriquer des vêtementsCommitment to making clothes

We believe that the ultimate luxury in making clothes is "to use the techniques that have been nurtured and inherited over time."
Sewing is done by experienced craftsmen with high technical skills in Japan.
Passionate craftsmen who love making clothes sew each and every stitch with love for you, without compromising every detail.
As for the prints on dresses, we choose a production area where the temperature is low and the water is clean for dyeing the fabric, so that the finish of the prints, which is not greatly affected by daily changes in temperature, is kept constant.

It takes time to deliver our ideal dress due to the involvement of many craftsmen, but we have packed JeJ's attention to every detail of each dress. I will.



Brand launch


Invited to an event held in London in 2012 and held a fashion show


Produced a guided catalog in the city of Rotenburg with the support of the German Tourism Board
Invited to "Anime North" event in Canada


Invited to an event in the United States in 2014, held a fashion show,
Announcing the Spanish collection, an overseas location in Spain


Special exhibition at the Honolulu Museum of Art 2015


Invited to an event in the United States in 2016 and held a fashion show


Invited to an event in the Netherlands in 2017.
Invited to an event in Shanghai and held a fashion show


2018 Tea party sponsorship and exhibition held in Paris, France
Participation in a lolita event in Guangzhou, China
Participation in Lolita event / fashion show in Shanghai, China 2019 Tea party in Shanghai, China