"Panier de fleurs " Art Column- Flemish painting-The life of flower

The floral and animal paintings used in the print are the work of French painter Nicolas Baudeson and Flemish painter David de Coninck. Nicholas Baudesson was born on December 6, 1611 in Troyes, France. He made a name for himself as a still life painter of flowers, and many of his works are kept in the Palace of Versailles. David de Coninck was famous in 17th century for animals and hunting scenes paintings.


Until the 15th century, still life paintings in Western Europe were often painted for religious purposes. Pure still life paintings began to be...

" Teur et Ruban Robe" Art Column-The Tower of Babel-Blessing

The Tower of Babel-Blessing

 The image used in this product is the smaller version of the "Tower of Babel (DeToren van Babel)" by Flemish artist Pieter Bruegel. The Tower of Babel is a huge tower that appeared in the Old Testament book of Genesis. It was the story of mankind challenging God and trying to build a tower that reached to the heaven, then destroyed by God. There are three paintings of the Tower of Babel by Bruegel, and only two remained, "The (Great) Tower of Babel" in the collection of the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna and "The (Little) Tower of Babel"...

The immortal scepter

In this product, weused Baroque era`s Flemish painter Pieter Paul Rubens and Italian painterCaravaggio`s art works. Thefemale figure in the middle of the dress is from Rubens' Portrait of MariaSerra Pallavicino. According to records,she was a member of the Pallavicino family, a noble family from the Genoaregion of Italy, and the painting may have been made to commemorate hermarriage. The youths on the side are part of Caravaggio's Youth with a Ram that painted in 1602, which is one of the John the Baptist series. The youth is John the Baptist, a characterwho appeared in the New Testament. John converted...