"Corradini” -Art Column-

Antonio Corradini-The creator of a fantastic spatial beauty

 The shearling blouse was inspired by Antonio Corradini , a Rococo sculptor from Venice, Italy. Coradini made many sculptural masterpieces, most notably "Christ in the Veil", "Nessus and Deianira", and "Modesty".Throughout his career, Coradini has developed and created sculptures in the using of white marble, in which the human body is covered with a thin veil. Through the veil the outline of the body and facial expression can be seen.Especially, the woman's body was wrapped in a thin transparent veil, which created an exquisite balance between sensuality and a sense of sacred mystery, condensing the woman's elegant movements into one single moment, and created a fantastic beauty of space that was impossible to turn away from it, once you paid attention to it.

The shearling blouse- Elegance swaying with the wind

 Our designer paid attention to this fantastic beauty of the space and used thin and highly transparent striped crepe. The designer wanted to create a sense of mystery, as if the beautiful body could be seen through the blouse, but not be seen completely, at the same time giving it a lightness that sways with the wind as you move.