"Eden floral"-Art Column-

Flemish Painting - The Opulent World of Flowers

 Eden floral is a captivating piece that merges the beauty of Flemish still life painting with artistic excellence.
  Flemish painting thrived during the Golden Age of art in the Flemish region (parts of present-day Belgium and the Netherlands) from the 15th to the 17th century. Artists of this era excelled in a wide range of genres, from religious and landscape paintings to still-life works. Among these, beautifully blooming flowers and butterflies were frequently portrayed in still-life paintings, each carrying its unique message.
   Elegant roses symbolize Christianity, lilacs represent love and passion, while sunflowers symbolize faith and hope. The transformation of butterflies from chrysalis to beautiful adult insects was often interpreted as a symbol of soul and spiritual rebirth, change, and growth.
 Flemish painting, known for its intricate detailing and symbolism, has had a profound influence on later artists in terms of realism and aesthetics, continuing to shine eternally in the history of art and captivating our hearts.

Eden floral-A charming garden of flowers fulfills the wishes hidden in the heart

 A tender ,loving paradise of flowers enveloped by roses and butterflies. A fairytale world as delicate and radiant as Sleeping Beauty, expands before us, right here and now.
 Who desire the strength to aspire to unique heights ,in a sweet and graceful manner; Or some noble and resolute hearts ,also fell longing for moments of vulnerability.Like Sleeping Beauty, the time has come for your inner self to awaken.“Eden floral ” will be the bridge that entices your hidden self from the shadows, the presence that listens to your wishes.