"Effondrement et rédemption"-Art Column-エフォンドルモン エ レデンプシオン-

Johann Georg Platzer-"Samson's Revenge

  The terrified crowd, the enormous falling rocks, the collapse.
The trigger of the disaster unfolding on the screen was the story of Samson, as narrated in the Old Testament. He was a favored child of God, a miraculous being endowed with superhuman strength from birth, a hero who slew lions and achieved victories in battle. However, he was betrayed by his lover Delilah, who stripped him of his strength. Regaining his power, he immediately decided to seek revenge on the Philistines, tearing apart the pillars of their gathering temple. In the midst of the collapse, he concluded his glorious life.
  Portraying characters in a rich manner is a typical characteristic of the artist Johann Georg Platzer. And in this artwork, the painter pushed that characteristic to the extreme. The dramatic narrative, powerful movements, and excessive level of detail made his work stand out as an exemplar of Baroque painting. Truly, the pinnacle of artistry is found here.

Collapse ,Falling and Redemption

  As the wheels of time turn, Collapse descends upon us in the present. The once stable and assured environment, values, and beliefs crumble, leaving the world filled with emptiness and uncertainty. In the torrential currents of history, powerless individuals flee in panic, wandering in the vortex of chaos, seeking a place of solace.  
  However, collapse is also a wellspring of creation, where it gives birth to fresh insights and understanding. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, destruction becomes a path to regeneration, with redemption and liberation lurking within the ruins. Amidst the chaos, hope abounds.
 The ordinary stability crumbles away, and now, the moment has arrived to redefine the inner refuge of the self. Oh, strong and beautiful one, fearlessly embrace the future, open your heart in this grand and tumultuous era, and revel in the unknown and the changes it brings. Stand against the collapse, spread the wings of art, and continue the journey of the soul. Let your heartfelt cries resonate throughout the universe, for beyond them, surprising developments await you.