Embléme -Art Column-

The noble Embléme

 La Fleur-de-Lys, modeled after the Lily, symbol of the Virgin Mary's compassion and purity.Incorporates the courage- and strength-symbolizing lion found in the coat of arms of the British and Belgian royal families. The Griffin, possessing mystical power and wisdom, stands as the guardian of the family.

 The dress "Embléme" takes inspiration from the coat of arms used by ancient European knights and nobles to denote status and lineage. With the classical design and the magical significance inherited from noble heraldry, this dress invokes miracles that transcend time and space.

The Coat of Arms of Fleur de Lis

Brand logo with emblems of griffon and lion.

The romantic Embléme

 Coat of arms, with their beautiful designs and symbolic meanings, are often applied in various fields such as novels, shojo manga, and musicals. In the musical "Romeo and Juliet," for instance, the coat of arms symbolizing the two families appears as a backdrop, expressing conflict with a contrast of red and blue, establishing the foundation for the tragic love story where the protagonists transcend death.

 In this way, the noble coat of arms releases the power and charm of beauty and romance in the artistic portrayal intertwined with love, hatred, and adventure.