"Koitsukihime ✕ Juliette et Justine" -Art Column-Koitsukihime dolls" The guide of lonely souls"

The receptacles of - Dolls and Koitsukihime

A pure and handsome face, pearly white and clean skin, with a faint flush suffusing on her cheeks. Lips as soft and glossy as the morning dew. Cold gray eyes lurk beneath those lowered eyelids. Her gaze is fixed on no one, but on a world far away, as if it were not real. This is Gabrielle, the doll created by Koitsukihime.

 Koitsukihime was born in Hokkaido, Japan in 1955. Her love for the beauty of the face and the human body has been with her since childhood, and this love has led her to become a doll artist, which she has been doing since 1980 until now.

 In every age, dolls are seen as something special for us. The emotions conveyed from the owner or the creator are equivalent to giving a warm soul into the cold and lifeless doll. For Koitsukihime, the dolls are the receptacles of her inspiration, and they are finally complete at the moment they are filled with soul. Such magical moments only occur a few times a year. The beautiful dolls are like existence wandering on the border between life and death, quietly watching us and the changes in our world.


The cross represents the Passion of Jesus, the angels as messengers of God and the crown of power. The motifs on the dress were all inspired by The Imperial Crypt ( Kaisergruft) ) in Vienna, Austria. Underneath this rustic church, the Habsburg family, which lasted for 400 years, is laid to rest. The massive sarcophagus decorated with baroque and rococo style decorations, are a testament to the glory of the empire. The frescoes on the ceiling are the divine`s summons to paradise . The sculpture of the emperor and empress receiving a crown of stars from an angel is a tribute to our creator, God. This is a place of connection with God, a sacred realm that reveals the afterlife, and anyone who enters will be moved by the weight and majesty of its history.

Printing design: The world of life and death-Light and Darkness

 God said, "Let there be light"; and there was light and darkness. God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. Light and dark, heaven and hell, no matter how the human world changes, the dolls just squint and stare at us in silence. The cold and glamor dolls, wandering between life and death, are the messengers of God, the guides of lonely souls.

 In the presence of the Holy Jesus, the angels sing hymns, the swans flying up with it, giving the greatest blessing to those who have ascended to heaven. This is the light, the world of dress“Le Meilleur” and “Gabriel”.

Dress“Le Meilleur” and “Gabriel”

 But sometimes darkness comes too. In a world painted in black, full of fears and loneliness, the fallen souls fall into a place of despair. But God's love is infinite. The pure white angels call out the stars of hope, and the stained-glass windows printed on the chest, like lighthouses shining in the darkness, carry the divine`s radiance. The dolls of darkness, clothed in blackness, open their hands to offer flowers of blessing and send off those wandering souls. The darkness before the coming of the light may be the most mysterious and exciting. This is the world of “Haniel - Bis Mince OP”and “Haniel-Bis”.

Dress“Haniel - Bis Mince OP”and “Haniel-Bis”(color and monochrome)

Angle and stained-glass window's printing