"La brillance de la reine"-Art Column--

Baroque Style ChandeliersーA World Adorned with LIght

 The printing design of "La brillance de la reine" is inspired by the Baroque-style chandeliers of medieval Europe, featuring a luxurious collage of jewelry and sculptures.

 Glass chandeliers spread from Venice to Europe in the 16th century. Especially during the 17th to 18th centuries, chandeliers with styles like Baroque were favored by royalty and nobility. The opulent and decorative designs were characteristic of Baroque chandeliers, featuring sculptures, crystals, glass beads, and metal frames that could enhance the brilliance of reflecting light.

  In this way, chandeliers adorned palaces and castles, creating mesmerizing displays of light that symbolizes wealth and prosperity, illuminating countless beautiful nights.

A Noble Queen - Emitting Astonishing Light

 Deep red curtains, antique green seats, dazzling chandeliers. The Royal Theater where renowned opera singers perform. Here, that dignified and beautiful queen graces the stage. Like a diamond shining brilliantly in solitude, she radiates even in the darkness. She is a being born with an aura of strength, captivating people with the brilliance of her inner light.

 Embrace self-love to the fullest, for a noble lady like a queen holds wondrous light within her presence.