La légende bénie-Art Column-

Rococo Style Sculpture - An Invitation to a Magnificent World

 The dress "La légende bénie" is a crystallization of art inspired by the remarkable sculptors of the Rococo style.

 Rococo sculpture, which thrived in 18th-century Europe, especially in France, was characterized by graceful curves, elements of nature, and extravagant ornamentation. In the print, we've incorporated the works like Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse, renowned for his combination of rich designs and exquisite details, Claude Michel, who admired the allegory of love and the goddesses of beauty, Jacques Caffieri, evoking the luxurious palaces of Louis XV with his gilded bronzes, and Ferdinand Tietz, filled with opulence and playfulness as an angel, have been used. The harmony of sculpture art and design is exquisitely expressed, creating an enchanting piece that embodies the aesthetics of Rococo.

La légende bénie - Embarking on a journey with kindred spirits for self-expression

 Elegant royal purple and splendid Rococo-style sculptures represent the refinement of those who wear the beautiful dress. The modest gleam of tea-gold tulle at the hem symbolizes your inner light, an unquenchable desire for freedom and self-expression.

 This enchanting dress summons like-minded individuals with a rebellious spirit, guiding you and them on a joyful journey of self-expression.