"L'esprit de la rose"-Art Column-

1.History of Corset

  Corsets have long been used on the European continent as a fashion item. In the beginning, corsets appeared as a protective device to keep warm and protect the lower back, and as time went by, they gradually became popular among the upper classes as underwear to show off the curves of the body.

  In medieval Europe, the corset served as a brassiere. from the 16th century onward, it was transformed into women's underwear with whalebones or steel bones inside it to lift women's breasts higher and emphasize the contrast with the slenderness of the waist. To further emphasize this contrast, a combination with pannier appeared in the early 18th century and was worn with court dress until the French Revolution.

  In the 19th century, corsets began to become commonplace, and not only upper- and middle-class women but also working-class women began to wear them. The pursuit of the "ideal 42 centimeters" was also part of the trend, and women became obsessed with the idea of narrowing their waists while enduring various negative effects on their health.

2.Abolition and Revival of the Corset

  Entered society. After World War I, through the efforts of great designers such as Paul Poiret and Coco Chanel, the corset, which had caged women's bodies , was abandoned and replaced by a new type of underwear, the bra. This led to the corset, which had dominated for so long, becoming less and less present in women's fashion.

  However, the natural curvature of the waist is also a form of feminine beauty.Therefore, the corset, as a symbol of gender and feminine beauty, began a revival as a fashion item in the 1960s.

  Corsets by Jean-Paul GAULTIER, worn by Madonna on the 1991 Blonde Ambition Tour, Vivienne Westwood's punk aesthetic and freedom, and Thierry Mugler's futuristic corsets were designed, giving corsets new life and new meaning to it existence by making undergarments outerwear.

 L'esprit de la rose by Juliette et Jsutine traces this long female history ,and dedicates a piece to you, who is born beautiful, a piece to help you acquire further elegance and grace while remaining the comfort of wearing it.

3.L'esprit de la rose

  A Corset like a dancing rose fairy, lets you fall in love with your natural curvaceous beauty.

  Scalloped roses lace and chiffon frillson on the bust, and lustrous pearl buttons, luxuriously decorated on the corset, speaks of the luminosity of a lady.The pintucks on the inside, and the elasticated gathers on the back provide a comfortable support. Elasticated gathers and woven ribbons at the back,easy to adjust and adapt to all body shapes.

  The material of Chirimen Crepe, gives an elegant texture with its unique unevenness. The graceful chiffon drape, reminding of a classical dress, gently decorates the waist.The lace running like a bone further accentuates the curves of the waist.Two color designs. Royal black: Noir, like a black rose, bathed in the full splendor of the moon and the stars,cold and noble. And red of passion: Rose.Like a red rose in full bloom, It speaks of the passion of love.

  An item maximizes the beauty of a woman's curves. Makes you realize your true beauty and Fall in love with yourself. A supremely elegant piece of jewelry.