"Liévre"- -Art Column-


"Liévre, dedicated to those who love tradition and dare to challenge and create.


Tartan checks - the inheritance of tradition and history.

 On the Scottish highlands stands a magnificent old castle. The high grey walls, the conical spire pointing to the sky and the red and blue flags that flutter in the wind, all signs of the dignity of the owner. Beyond the gates, entering a long corridor lined with large oil paintings. Old men with white hair, noble women in long dresses, seated men, all of these portraits revealing the history and heritage of the family. at the end of the paintings, a pair of blonde twin sisters. Both are dressed in tartan check gowns, the symbol of Scottish tradition. The elder one in blue, quietly elegant, and the younger one in red, bright and lively.

Blue and red - beautiful twin sisters

 Suddenly from outside came the sound of cheerful laughter. Looking into the distance through the glass window full of decorations is a huge garden. White plump Hydrangea, small lovely crinkly daisies, pink roses. In the midday sun, the twin sisters play in the garden.The red and blue figures passed through the soft green grass. The tired sisters laughed and sat down to cool off under the huge oak tree. The elder sister leaned on a tree and the younger sister gently laid her head on her shoulder. Wild rabbits gathered around the sisters with flowers. Slowly they all drifted into a deep, relaxing sleep. A gentle breeze blows the dense foliage, sunlight falls through the leaves onto the sisters' warm faces, and the white clouds in the sky slowly change shape with the wind. There was a small wish in the sisters' hearts:“May the happy times linger a little longer and two of us never part.”

Liévre - a dress full of fantasy

  The design of the dress was done in traditional Scottish check. The blue and beige colors are subdued but gorgeous. The bright red and green are vibrant but also elegant. You can look remarkable from all angles. The waist features a black lace pattern, a hint of gentle feminine beauty interspersed with traditional undertones. The skirt is adorned with furry Okuno Island rabbits, white flowers, luxurious sparkling crowns and gold frames. The skirt is decorated with fluffy Okuno Island rabbits, white flowers, a gorgeous shining crown and gold frames. The dress has an A-shaped line and is divided into three parts along the left and right sides from the waist, like a stage curtain announcing the start of a play, like an open book, under which lurks a mysterious story or a secret place to long for. Pair with a lace blouse and an extended petticoat could create more interesting looks.