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Lace that Captivated Nobles

  Delicate and intricate lace, once valued as much as jewels, captivated European nobility for centuries as a symbol of wealth and power.

  In 1533, with the marriage of Catherine de' Medici from Florence to King Henry II of France, lace became hugely popular among the upper class, with nobles spending vast sums on it. Even Queen Elizabeth I favored lace collars.

 Subsequently, as French currency flowed out of the country, Louis XIV's Prime Minister, the Duke of Colbert, established state-run lace workshops to address the situation. Italian artisans, attracted by high wages, left their country one after another. Italy's government considered the departure of artisans a national crime, even making it a capital offense in their history.  

Portraits of nobility,
Portraits of nobility, 

  As the modern era began, the beauty of lace remained undiminished. "I wore a white satin gown with a very deep flounce of Honiton lace, imitation of old," Queen Victoria wrote in her diary about her wedding.
 The young queen's white wedding dress, worn in 1840, was revolutionary. It's said that she chose white mostly because it was the perfect color to highlight the delicate lace.

Painting depicting Queen Victoria's wedding,
Portrait of the Queen wearing a lace dress

Rara iuvant: World of Imagination and Happiness

 The words "RARA IUVANT" from the Roman poet Martial. The first fruits are the sweetest, and winter roses are the most valuable, hence "rare things bring joy to people." The dress Lys sacré is a wonderland of imagination created from rare elements left in myths and traditions:

 A 14th-century fortress, with six stars symbolizing purity and hope, welcomes you to the world of imagination, guarded by a dragon gatekeeper. Cute animals act as guardians. Butterflies, representing change and new life in classical paintings, while cats symbolize the grace of women. Rabbits, symbols of fertility, are messengers of luck and abundance. The lily crest has long been a symbol of the French royal family, representing the purity and nobility of women in Christianity. And the crown beneath it is a testament to your nobility.

  The world of imagination brings unparalleled joy. It is one of the rarest treasures in this world. Lys sacré, here is a graceful world filled with blessings, just for you. I hope you can share the richness and happiness you feel here with others.

Lace section with Lily crest

Lace section with dragon

Lace section with cute animals