"Mangeurs de beauté"-Art Column-マンジェル ドゥ ボテ-

1.Contemporary Artist/Jewelry Designer:Eimi Suzuki

 Eimi Suzuki was born in 1993. Since her early childhood she has loved making things and painting, so from her teenage years she has been experimenting with creating accessories and various paintings. This valuable experience was also the starting point for her later career as a professional artist.

 The accessories he had been running since his teens grew into a single brand, but in order to deepen his knowledge, he closed it once and enrolled in the Bunka University, Jewelry Metal Works. Then, in the summer of 2022, it evolved and revived as the jewelry brand “eimiess”.

 While working with metalwork and various three-dimensional works, she also continues to produce two-dimensional art work, combining classical painting with her own paintings, based on concepts of 'redemption, life, prejudice and prayer. In this way, she incorporates classical art into her contemporary collages and paintings.Her artistic activities have gradually expanded from Japan to overseas, in fields such as art direction, fashion brand collaborations ,as well as designing CD and book cover art.

2.Makes the soul tremble:A distorted beautiful and sensational world

 The internal organs and raw flesh, which are only seen in anatomy, are naturally integrated into the beautiful mythology, paintings and female figures. The slightly uncomfortable and distorted atmosphere is surrounded by the gentle colours like antique, and the thought-provoking concepts behind the work. This is Eimi Suzuki's work , a magical world of female figures, flesh and myth, stimulating and full of beauty and redemption.

 The objects and themes that often appear in her work actually come from her own experiences. Since she grew up with people with illnesses and hospitals, the human body and its internal organs became very close to her. As a result, she had the thoughts of loving yourself and not treating people with illnesses (which could be other people or even yourself) as if they were different. With this as a starting point, she naturally developed the idea of looking inside to the human body to create art.

 In addition to this, paintings depicting mythology and religion are also an important part of Eimi Suzuki's work. Since long ago, she has had the idea in her mind that there are still phenomena and existences in the human body that cannot be completely explained by medicine or science. So she expressed this idea through a combination of old religious and mythological paintings.

3. 'Epicure Gourmet':”The noble born eating only splendid food”

 In the design of the dress "Mangeurs de beauté"we used the painting "Epicure Gourmet" by Eimi Suzuki as a print. 'Epicure Gourmet': "Noble people who taste only the most beautiful things", which is piece of combination of Eimi Suzuki's own paintings and world famous paintings.

 Seated in the centre of the picture, the noble and beautiful women are symbols of supreme power. White swans, which was once used as special ingredients in England , fresh meat and bloody heads, are gathered around them as a delicacy. The noble and beautiful women did not care about the rules of the world. they only gathered what they thought was beautiful to put in their mouths.

  "Manger", plundering the life of others to turn it into sustenance for oneself. The most barbaric and basic cycle of life, also the highest respect for life. The skeleton that emerges vaguely from the backdrop of the curtain is reminiscent of the cycle of life and death. But above this is the pleasure and enjoyment of feeding their greedy souls, their appetite for devouring "beautiful things".

(Left:the noble ladies,Right:swan、meat、head)

What is beauty, what is elegance.

they will all be defined by the noble ladies.

values, rules and strictures.

All become the meal on my plate.

With the metallic clatter of silver knives and forks

Our feast begins.

Not a strand of hair, not a bone, remains

The sweetness of flowers, the richness of meat,

the bitterness of tears, the mellowness of love.

I will take the beauty of the world,

Into our throat and bellies.

And the world is dyed in rainbow colors,

with the pleasure of supreme appetite.

We are the gluttons of beauty.

We are the definers and guides of beauty.

4.”Mangeurs de beauté”

  A large print that gently lengthened from front to back.The fusion with the triple ruffle gives the soft fabric,more strength and volume.Like a flower bud that blooms in an instant every time you move, showing the grace and power that cannot be ignored.When she appears,It takes over the whole space and people's attention.Pair with an intricate lace top and a gorgeous headpiece,for a more luxurious and elegant look.

  Stretching on the chest, the bow in the colours of Violacé Grisé.Made of chiffon with a silvery metallic sheen.Inside we used Shape-memory material,to make the bow like a queen who never bows down,to abandon her grace and dignity, no matter what the situation is,always standing confidently and majestically at the top.