"Mémoires à la fenêtre"-Art Column-

"Le Garde-meuble"- The World of Opulent French Style

 A burst of colors, Rococo and Baroque furnishings, and countless artworks create a spectacle in the space. This was the scene the designer gazed upon in European palaces during their travels.
Adorning beauty in every corner of life, basking in the light of beauty, and enriching oneself as the ultimate art – this philosophy emerged in the designer's mind, leaving a strong desire to express it through the design. It was during this time that the designer encountered the paintings depicted in"Le Garde-meuble".
 "Le Garde-meuble"was published from the 18th to the 19th century, a bimonthly magazine that recorded and introduced French art, furniture, and interior design. It featured detailed illustrations of the royal collections, court decorations, furniture styles, and more, offering valuable historical insights into the tastes of French royalty and society at the time. We choose the most exceptional illustrations from this collection and incorporate them into the prints, giving birth to a luxurious garment that bridges history and fashion - Mémoires à la fenêtre.

Mémoires à la fenêtre - Elevating You to the finest Art

 Silk wallpaper woven with flowers and animals, luxurious yet small furniture, and colorful draped curtains. The lithograph depicting a noble lady's room from 150 years ago is reflected in the dress. Adorned with delicate braids and sequined tulle at the hem, it becomes a captivating presence, making you feel like the protagonist of a fairy tale.
  When you wear it, it bestows a pure elegance upon your every movement and spoken word. Like a magical transformation of the everyday into the extraordinary, through the world of Art, infuse beauty into every corner of your life, and elevate yourself to the highest form of art. Enjoy this special dress.