Mirage de lumière-Art Column-

Glass Jewelry

 The dress Mirage de lumière is a collage of antique paste jewelry and chandeliers, printed on an elegant black chiffon.

 Paste jewelry is made from glass. Glass has been used since ancient Egypt and the Roman era for necklaces and talismans. In medieval Europe, only the most skilled artisans could create such precious items.

 For protection during travel and against theft, glass jewelry was often favored by nobility as an imitation of gemstones. However, until the 17th century, it couldn't replicate the brilliance of real gems.

Paste Jewelry − Treasures Born in the Age of Light

 In 1724, French jeweler Georges Frédéric Strass developed lead glass, known as "paste," by polishing glass with metal powder until it shone like a real diamond.

 As the Rococo era in the 18th century saw the widespread use of candles, there was a growing demand for jewelry that would shine beautifully even at night. Rococo-inspired paste jewelry became increasingly popular in Parisian high society, with famous figures like Marie Antoinette adorning herself with luxurious diamond paste. As the 19th century began with the Victorian era and technological advancements during the industrial revolution, paste jewelry became more widely accessible. Countless masterpieces were created through the fusion of crystal and metal.

  The paste jewelry featured in this print is also from the Victorian era.(In the design, there is not only antique paste jewelry but also an arrangement of crystal chandeliers. For more information, please refer to the Art Column of the dress "La brillance de la reine". URL: https://juliette-et-justine.com/blogs/art-column/la-brillance-de-la-reine-art-column)

Paste Jewelry and Buttons from the Collection of the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, 18th century

Mirage de lumière - A Dress Depicting the Radiance of an Intellectually Rich Soul

 The moonlight poured into the halls of the ancient castle gently envelops me like a beautiful illusion.
 With a charming design and a chic print, it truly resonates with the graceful beauty of women and the ordered beauty of reason. Beneath the adorable style lies a dress that portrays the radiance of a soul brimming with sharp intellect and refinement, celebrating the richness of your inner self.