"Nuages de fleurs"- -Art Column-

Nuages de fleurs

 The dress “Nuages de fleurs ”was inspired by dome-shaped skirts that were popular in Europe in the 19th century. Inside the skirt there is organdy lining, which could create a voluminous look like wearing a petticoat. The tiered flounces of lace increase an extra touch of volume. The large lace flounces embroidered with a delicate rose pattern, bringing a touch of sophisticated and subdued luxury to the plain elegant chiffon fabric.

 The elasticated waist and sleeves design comfortably fits all body shapes . The tight fitness on the waist and sleeves, and the fluffy skirt created a nice contrast .The skirt sways freely as it moves, making the wearer look like a fairy flying through the flowers, light and soft. The two-coloured design, Soleil rouge and Lune bleu, one is plump and gentle , one is cool and beautiful, giving you the freedom to create two different images.

Soleil rouge

 Noon on a sunny day , with warm sunshine. Pink roses bloom in a traditional English rose garden. The roses are arranged along the paths and carefully taken care of by the gardeners. The lively pinks under the bright sunlight look even more vibrant against the green foliage. The large, full bloomed petals are fluffy and soft, like a princess standing in a forest, gentle and lovely.

Lune bleu

 Night falls in a deep blue sky, with thin clouds slightly hiding the bright full moon. A lonely blue wild rose on a cliff, blooming only at midnight. Supreme beauty is not something to be accessed so easily . A cool, serene blue in the moonlight, calm and steady, like it's from another world. She is lonely, but holds high ideals in her heart. She looks up at the sky and waits for the arrival of the moonlight, her only true friend. Gradually the thin clouds clear and the soft moonlight falls on the wild rose, cold and beautiful.