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RARA IUVANT-The rare delights the heart

  You are a lost maiden

  wandering in a dark green forest surrounded by a thin mist.

  Kittens purring, rabbits running, squirrels whispering, butterflies and birds soaring.

  The wandering lost maiden.

  Do not be afraid, do not be frightened.

  They are your guides.


  As the Latin saying goes, "the rare delights the heart."

  So, welcome to a fantasy world full of beauty and adventure.

A fantasy world full of beauty and adventure

  Suddenly, a strong wind. When your eyes open, the fog and forest disappear.The maiden became a hero to save the captured princess in an old castle.The journey to become a hero was full of difficulties and thrills. After crossing mountains, rivers, and slaying dragons, she finally came to the princess's castle situated at the end of the world. The white dove carried a blessed olive branch, and the gods also released  stars of hope for the hero. The majestic castle appeared in front of you like an open scroll, opening the curtain to your victory.

  The gates of the castle, which had been closed for hundred years, now opened. This forgotten place, the captured princess, could finally be free, as the hero thought. But the huge castle turned out to be empty.

  Wandering in the everlasting corridors, the only sound she could hear was the footsteps of this brave girl. In gardens filled with full bloomed roses, in kitchens piled with delicacies, in the Capitol where the throne was placed, the hero walked here and there, looking for the graceful princess.

  Finally, a faint light could be seen coming from a room at the back of the castle, and the hero opened its half-open door. The room was filled with a soft aroma of sweets, a silk bed covered with thin lace, rococo style furniture, pale rose pink and celadon pale green wallpaper, and a cup of warm tea on the desk. This is the princess's room.

  A large mirror was placed on the other side of the room, and the hero slowly went to the mirror, as if called by some mystical power. little by little, her reflection became clearer and clearer. In the reflection, our brave hero saw a graceful girl with Lustrous hair, an elegant silhouette, soft and red cheeks wearing a dress covered in luxurious lace.She took a closer look at the dress, a royal family crest, a huge castle, a fire-breathing dragon, a holy white dove and a divine stars are carefully stitched into the lace. This is the princess's life story, the hero's journey, and your adventure.

The true hero the true princess

 You were the one who was really saved .

 You are your own hero, and you are your own princess.

 You are the union of courage and power, you are the incarnation of nobility and beauty.

 This dress is the record of your journey, your adventure, your courage and your beauty.

 We sincerely hope that the inherent quality inside of you,

could never be erased in front of any challenges,

 and be celebrated in this fantasy world.


 "The rare delights the heart."

 Welcome to a fantasy world full of beauty and adventure.

 Original lace close-up photos

Birds, squirrels, cats and butterflies.


Medieval European crest and Juliette-et-Justine logo 


Castles and Dragons


RARA IUVANT: "The rare delights the heart."