"Reverie" Art Column -The immortal scepter-

 The prints on the dress we used the Portrait of Maria Serra Pallavicino by Flemish painter Pieter Paul Rubens, and Youth with a Ram by the Italian painter Caravaggio,two works that shone during the Baroque period.

Masterpieces of the Baroque masters:Rubens`s Portrait of Maria Serra Pallavicino

 The woman seated in the centre of the print is a member of the Pallavicino family, an aristocratic family in the Italian city of Genoa dating from the 11th century. The portrait may have been made to commemorate her marriage. She sits regally on a large chair with huge ruffles, a symbol of dignity and elegance, a long, luxurious dress covered in embroidery and shining jewellery. All of them exude the strength and dignity of a woman raised in this ancient noble family.

Masterpieces of the Baroque masters: Caravaggio's Youth with a Ram

 The youths on either side are part of the John the Baptist series painted by Caravaggio in 1602. The youth in the painting is based on John the Baptist, a character from the New Testament. John is often depicted in paintings alongside a lamb representing the atonement for sin. Thus a ram is depicted to the right of John in this painting.

Queen of Hearts:An absolute presence of both beauty and power

 The dress is surrounded by a beautiful gold frame, as if in a fantasy world. The voluminous skirt, with its powerful color combination of red and black, resembles the dress worn by the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. The Queen is an absolutely powerful being, sitting high on her throne and looking down on all things. With a flick of the scepter in her hand, she drives the poker soldiers and your fate will be decided. People become captives in front of such a beautiful and powerful force, falling to their knees before her,begging for forgiveness and mercy.

  In the presence of a woman with supreme beauty and power, everyone is drawn to her and overwhelmed by her. Such a gorgeous dress , dedicated to the beautiful and powerful you.