"Ténèbres Robe"-Art Column-テネブル ローブ-

Copperplate engraver: Yukiko Hayashi

  Yukiko Hayashi, born in Tokyo in 1958, started out as an illustrator, but at the age of 36 she began studying copperplate engraving under Mr Bando Soichi, to learn the oldest technique of engraving. She spent two years mastering burin, and then gradually produced orders for Ex Libris. Bewitching women and roses appear frequently in her work. Her meticulously drawn lines and unique romanticism were well received, leading to the publication of a collection of her Ex Libris 'The trembling of Psyche`s wings' with 124 works in 2010, and a collection of her works 'Persephone : Recurring Floral Life' in 2020.

The bewitching female figure:The trembling of Psyche`s wings

 When we look at Yukiko Hayashi's work, we feel a strong power like destiny. It is as if we, as human beings, are being watched from a higher place, and influenced by some sublime being that we have yet to explore. The Playing card like pattern depicts a woman in the positive and reverse positions, giving a sense of coincidence, just like when gambling. Comedy or tragedy can happen in each of our lives with small decisions that no one pays attention to, such as having fresh bread for breakfast, going out to see a person who hasn't seen you for a while, or going for a walk in the park. But from the point of view of the Sublime Being, Comedy or tragedy ,they are all equal.

 The women depicted by Yukiko Hayashi are always as calm as the surface of still water. It is hard to tell whether they are looking at us, the viewer, or at a faraway world that we, as human beings, cannot reach. Even when embraced by the skulls that remind us of death, I could not sense any fear or despair from them. Their cold, calm faces convey a message as if death is always with us.

 Another characteristic of the women depicted is their unique eroticism. Eve gazing at the serpent, which is a symbol of original sin, Leda mingling with the swans, or the naked girl surrounded by large roses and thorns... The wild eroticism reminds us of the Sphinx, who seduces young men in the body of a beast and the form of a beautiful woman, then eat their blood and flesh. The flowers and plants in the work are also meticulously depicted as the hands, hair or the body of the girls, as if they have a will of their own, supporting the decadent bewitchment of the girls.

Ténèbres Robe:Together, we will "gently descend into the bright abyss"

  A bewitching etching work of art painted with a delicate touch,printing it on the beautiful robe.Available in two gorgeous colours.Purple-toned Ecru and Lavender-grey based Black, gives the impression of an intelligent and elegant lady.With a square neck design,it makes the décolleté more feminine and attractive, and The intricate ruffles and delicate lace,make the whole dress shape softer and richer.Coordinate with the black pointe, corsage, or the colorful petticoat,you can enjoy an even more dressy and glamorous coordination.

Yukiko Hayashi`s female figures are created with delicate and graceful lines,Living in a dreamlike world surrounded by large roses.Where their soft eyes were looking, no one can ever tell.They are”The trembling of Psyche`s wings”.We can only catch a glimpse of their beauty, in the lingering charm of that breeze.

Then together, we will "gently descend into the bright abyss".