"Théâtre et amoureux"- -Art Column-

L'Opéra: a colourful palace

 White columns, green roof, golden angels. The Paris Opera House, glowing in the deep blue night sky. A four-wheeled carriage came from a distance and stopped in front of the theater's main entrance. an elegant and beautiful twin sister came out from the carriage. The elder sister was dressed in a passionate red and gold gown and held a fan adorned with black lace, while the younger sister was dressed in a restraining silver and blue gown and wore a golden mask on her head. Both sisters were very excited as this was their first outing in months. Hand in hand, the sisters walked to their balcony seats in the theater. Inside the theater was another beautiful world. Crimson seats, golden pillars and decorations, chandeliers that shine like diamonds. Looking upwards, the ceiling is painted with paintings by the magician of color Chagall. Abstract figures in a colorful palette of greens, whites, yellows and pinks, the harmony of modern and classical adds another touch of interest to the splendid theater.

The famous Soprano with various guests

 As the show was about to begin, all the audience started to enter the hall. Mr Tiger dressed in his tuxedo, Miss Ragdoll with her long feathered hairpiece, Mr Rabbit in his glasses and the Marquis in his magnificent red uniform. Everyone is looking forward to this performance, as it is the return of the famous soprano, Lady Nightingale, who will also be playing the lead role in this show after many years.

The stage for the heroines - The stage for yourself

 The lights in the hall began to dim as the bell rang, and the audience became very quiet as everyone waited for the show to begin. Suddenly a bright, powerful voice of Lady Nightingale came from the other side of the stage, piercing the crimson velvet curtain at once and reverberating through the hall. A magical world full of romance and adventure opened up on stage, illuminated by fiery, dazzling lights.

 The heroine who fights for her dreams, for love and against all difficulties, the evil villain character,The kind supporting character who quietly helps everyone in the dark…The energy of the actors and the tumbling storyline captured the hearts of the audience and touched everyone deeply. As the time flew by, the world on stage came to an end. The curtain slowly came down with the audience's enthusiastic applause.

  The story on stage came to an end, but your story has just begun. What kind of story do you want to play, and what kind of heroine do you want to be?A hero in a red dress that symbolizes victory , represents courage and challenge? Or a knight in a silver gown, fighting against all odds? Love your life, love all the good and beautiful things around you and give the loudest applause to your own stage, and yourself!