JeJ's Galerie, a collection of photos and videos of everyone in JeJ's dress
Let me introduce you to your wonderful wearing photos.

About posting method

  • Please participate after registering as a member.
  • Please post photos and videos from the JeJ ’s Galerie submission form.
  • Three of JeJ's designers and staff's favorite photos and videos were selected from the posted photos and videos. It will be announced once a month.
  • The selected photos and videos will be introduced on the top page of the JeJ official website and on the official SNS.
  • If you post a photo / video, you will receive 10pt of JeJ Muse points. (Up to once a day. Points will be awarded the following month.)
  • If selected as an excellent work, JeJ Muse points will be awarded to 1st place at 500pt, 2nd place at 300pt, and 3rd place at 200pt.

Evaluation points

  • Completeness of coordination including accessories and shoes
  • The pattern of the dress looks beautiful
  • There is a unity in the atmosphere etc ...

Please check before posting

  • Please agree to post the posted photos and videos on the JeJ homepage and official SNS.
  • The posted photos and videos will be posted the next day or later.
  • If you do not need to post your name or nickname at the time of posting, please enter it in Message.
  • Please refrain from posting the same photo / video repeatedly. (JeJ Muse Point is not given either)
  • Please be careful not to include elements that include personal information.
  • Please refrain from posting political messages or content that makes people uncomfortable.

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