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- About Points -

Points for Shopping

  • Purchase of goods (1% of purchase price)
  • Posting photos to JeJ ’s Gallery (10pt / once a day)
    ※ Posts with the same photos are not counted.
  • Photos are introduced as excellent works once a month at JeJ's Gallery (1st place 500pt / 2nd place 300pt / 3rd place 200pt)
  • Post a review (10pt)
  • Follow each official SNS account of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (10pt)

If you place an order without being a registered member, you will not receive points.

Earning points for things other than shopping

You will receive 10 points for each shopping review you submit.
You will receive 10 points for each photo submission.

Timing of point award

Points will be awarded after products are shipped.
The period between the order and shipment of the ordered product can be checked on My Page as the points to be awarded.
Points will not be awarded for the amount paid using points.

Use and redemption of points

You can use your points to get discounts on your purchases, or exchange them for original gadgets.

Shopping Discounts

Points can be used for shopping. 1 point = 1 yen.
You can redeem your points for coupons by entering the coupon code at the time of purchase.
*The coupon can only be used for one order at a time. Please be careful when exchanging your points for coupons.
*Please contact us if you have redeemed a coupon by mistake.

How to redeem coupons

<To redeem a coupon from the "JeJ Muse" button at the bottom left of your browser.>

  1. Click the "JeJ Muse" button at the bottom left of the screen and press the "Redeem" button under "Discount Coupons".

  2. Set the number of points you want to redeem, and then click the "Redeem" button to redeem the coupon. (From 1 yen to 5,000 yen)

  3. The coupons you have redeemed will be displayed in the list.

<To redeem on the Point & Reward page>

  1. Click the "Redeem" button in the "Discount Coupon" section.

  2. Set the points to be redeemed and click the "Redeem" button to redeem the coupon. (From ¥1 to ¥5000)

  3. The redeemed coupons will be displayed in the list. (Please reload the page).

How to use coupons

  1. When you have a coupon, the coupon code will be displayed in the shopping cart. Click the "Copy" button to copy the coupon code.

  2. Enter the coupon code on the purchase confirmation page and the discount will be applied.

Redeem Gadgets

  1. Select the product you want to redeem from the list here.
  2. Please use the contact page to get in touch with us and tell us what you want to exchange. Our staff will be in touch with you shortly to discuss delivery.