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- Size Guide -

How to choose the right size

How to choose a dress size

You can choose a size according to your silhouette and comfort.

Choose the right size for your silhouette.

If the actual size of the dress is 3cm roomy, you can wear it with a beautiful waistline silhouette.

Designs that should be chosen in the right size

  • Puff sleeve dresses
  • Empire style dresses

Give priority to a relaxed fit

Choose a size that has at least 4cm of room with underwear on.

Relaxed, adjustable design, recommended for layering

  • Dresses that are sleeveless and tie a waist ribbon in the back.
  • Dresses with shirring at the waist.

About measurements

The measurements are taken according to the following method. Please measure your clothes flat and compare with the size details of each product. Please allow 2-3cm more room than your actual size. Please note that there may be a slight error depending on the product.

Shoulder width: The length of the straight line from the seam of the sleeve to the seam of the left and right shoulder.
Sleeve Length] Straight line from the tip of the shoulder to the cuff of the sleeve
Bust: Straight line from the base of the left and right armpits to the base of the left and right armpits, then double the measurement.
Waist] For items with a seam at the waist, measure both sides of the waist along the seam in a straight line and multiply by two.
 For items with no waist seam, measure both sides of the waistband at the narrowest part of the waistband using straight lines and multiply by two.
Length: Straight line distance from the back neck point to the hem. If there is a difference between the front and back, indicate the front and back respectively. (If the skirt hem is designed to be transparent, the transparent part is not included).
Hem circumference〉Distance measured around the hem of the skirt; if there is a ruffle attached to the hem, the position of the ruffle should be indicated.

How to take your measurements

Points to note when taking measurements

  • Please take your measurements together with a family member or friend.
  • When taking measurements, keep your back straight and shoulders relaxed, your hands straight down to your sides, and your chin slightly pulled back.

[Shoulder width] Measure from the outer edge of the shoulder bone (shoulder tip) to the outer edge (shoulder tip).
[Bust] Measure around the highest point of the bust horizontally.
[Underbust] Measure horizontally around the bottom of the bust.
[Waist] Measure horizontally around the narrowest part of your torso.
[Hips] Measure around the largest part of your hips.
[Length] Measure the length of the dress from the shoulders through the top of the bust to the knees.