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- About Useful Functions -

About Product Reviews

Product reviews are a feature that allows registered JeJ Muse customers to post their opinions and ratings of products on the online store.

You can post reviews on products that you have purchased from the online store.

  • You can only post reviews for products that you have purchased.
  • You will be able to post a review after the product has been shipped.
  • You can only post reviews for eligible products.
    We will not post reviews that include anything other than product feedback and ratings. 
  • Only one review can be posted even if multiple copies of the same product are purchased in the same order.
  • We will give 10 points to customers who post a review.

About Favorite Products

Favorite Products is a feature that allows you to save products of interest to your customer page.
For example, if you are purchasing a dress, you can register multiple product detail pages so that you can take the time to compare and contrast them.

When you log in to your customer page, you can see your favorite products.
You can view your favorite products by logging in to your customer page.
You can also receive notifications of re-releases of discontinued items.