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Chocolat classique

Chocolat classique

Capture the rich and blissful moments eternally in your heart.

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A garden in full bloom with roses, the gentle scent of tea. Cream cake served on bone china plates.
Rich chocolate , and subtly sweet vanilla .
Let this rich and blissful moment remain in your heart,
During the happy afternoon tea time.


A beautiful dress inspired by delightful cream cake. Intricate details and classic colors ,
evoke a joyous moment as if wrapped in happiness.
A magical dress keeps the richness of time and heart forever.

Les fringues

Gathered tulle and chiffon layers are delicate and elegant.
The organza belt cinches the waistline,
creating a beautiful silhouette.
The balance between shantung fabric and gathers is exquisite,
allowing for a voluminous feel when paired with a petticoat.
It brings out maximum doll-like cuteness and elegance.


Two-color lineup,Aromatic and refined Chocolat,
subtly sweet and smooth White Chocolat.
Perfect for those seeking classic or cute looks.
Like a delightful afternoon tea time,
It's a special piece that keeps a rich and happy moment eternally.

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