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Chose Secrètes&Couronnement de la Vierge

The magic of strength will watch over your beauty.

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The power of wishes and prayers housed in religious paintings,

It watches over you with the magic of strength,

seeking the diverse beauty,

and the strength of your mind and body.



Couronnement de la Vierge

Vibrant reds, shimmering golds, deep blacks,

A luxurious collage of exquisite jewels and pearls,

portraying the moment of the Virgin Mary's coronation.

This dress is an embodiment of infinite love,

and attention-grabbing presence.


Chose secrètes

Dazzling gemstones and sacred lilies,

dance in shades of blue and gray fresco paintings.

Tranquil hues depict your serene wisdom.

A dress brimming with inner strength,

gifted to those exploring the richness of the spiritual realm.

Les fringues

The high-neck design,

beautifully accentuates a delicate bust line.

The detachable cape drapes naturally,

creating a V-shaped silhouette that tapers the shoulders and back,

elegantly elongating the neckline.


The low-waist design creates a classical atmosphere,

with uniquely designed skirt sections.

The overlay skirt of Chose secrètes adds depth to the world of paintings,

while the Couronnement de la Vierge,finished with a single print, ètes。

boasts strong color and a compelling presence.

The dress imbued with the magic of strength,

watches over the diverse beauty of your mind and body.