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Douceur Azurée(op)


The Blue Worn by the Virgin Mary

A Dress Draped in the Truth of Heaven

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As is in the era when there was only candlelight and moonlight,

Let the shadows of the lace enhance the beauty of the skin.

In the days when only candlelight and moonlight existed,

beauty was crafted through the play of shadows on the skin.

This dress, with its Virgin Mary blue,

lace, and ribbons, captures that era,

exuding intelligence and elegance.

The three ribbons adorning the front symbolize rank,

highlighting your nobility and

evoking blue flowers blooming in spring.

The transparency and vertical stripes

accentuate the beauty of your skin,

and your back will also emanate an aura of intelligence.

The crossed ribbons on the sleeves

make your arms and fingurs look slender and graceful.

The lace, both transparent and pure,

embodies the chastity of the Holy Mother.

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