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The magic of the noble emblem calling for miracles beyond space and time.

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Pure and beautiful, This garment is designed with the image, of a woman with graceful demeanor.


Wrapped in a noble crest, a beautiful presence standing quietly.

Shrouded in a mysterious darkness, its pure beauty emits a mystical light.

Those who lay eyes on it will be captivated in an instant,

surrendering to the unknowable magic.

Les fringues

A griffin with strange powers and wisdom,a lion symbolizing honor and courage.

The emblem carries the mysterious power,inherited from a distant magical world,

calling for miracles beyond space and time.


Classic prints of the brand emblem.

Lace adorns the décolletage elegantly, The combination of gold and navy.

showcases the elegance and taste of a mature woman.

Mint and brown highlight an elegant cuteness and pure beauty.

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