- Poupée -

Robe Cuvilliés

ローブ キュビイエ

A cape dress inspired by the works of Cuvilliés,
the essence of German Rococo

End of sale

During my travels in Munich, I was fascinated by the architecture
designed by the court architect Francois de Cuvilliés.

Especially the Amalienburg in the Nymphenburg Palace Park.
The ornate and aesthetic decorations, the pale colors,
and the beautiful mirror reflections were so captivating.
It was such a special experience that I wished time would stop

les fringues

An image of ornamentation on a magnificent palace.
Chiffon ruffles wrapped softly around the shoulders
Three types of lace and ribbon on the body reminiscent of a corset
Frills of double-tiered tulle are used in abundance.

avoir de la classe

It comes in three colors, all with a romantic finish that evokes a story.
Pale blue representing Rococo aesthetics
Mauve pink for the sweetness and splendor of Amalienburg
Monotone for the serenity of a palace at night


Back zipper for easy on and off
Voluminous tulle skirt
Maintains a beautiful silhouette even without panniers.