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Jardin de roses brumeux

Jardin de roses brumeux

The enchanting purple leads you into the mysterious rose garden veiled in mist.

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A tea party of disappearing illusions, and spirits along with the mist.An unexplored realm speaks of purple fantasies to you.

Graceful figures emerging from the thin mist, with the fragrance of roses lingering in the air.

The purple shawl adorning the entire dress ,

conceals an unexplored space,

from fairy tales,

like a magical mist,

noble and mysterious.

Beautiful ribbons spreading across the back and sides,

resembling the wings of fluttering spirits.

The lace on the back adds luxurious elegance to the dress,

and you can attach the flower corsage as you like.

A special presence that invites you to the fantasy world,

suitable for women who want to embrace fleeting beauty.

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