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Jupe de l'agneau (Skirt)

ジュップ ド ラニョ

This jupe, with its holy and precious objects,
prayers and wishes,

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“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come...”

These are the words of a prayer
that has been repeated billions upon billions of times since ancient times.
Jesus Christ, the unblemished Lamb, sacrificed Himself for many sinners
and was crucified on the cross to cleanse the sins of mankind with His life.

This jupe, with its holy and precious objects, prayers and wishes,
will protect you with its noble light, keeping evil things away.

"The Lord's Prayer", the main prayer of Christianity is written in Latin.
A pair of angels holding a crown above the head of the crucified Christ.
Acanthus, a symbol of the Passion, is printed on the bottom of the foot.

The velveteen with a moist texture and the golden print create a solemn atmosphere.


It is a mid-length dress that is easy to balance and has a beautiful line that spreads out elegantly.

Since this skirt has a heavy feel, it goes well with voluminous shoes such as boots or pumps with stomp.

The Christ pattern spreading all over the hem has a gothic beauty.
It makes an impressive coordination even when paired with a simple top.

The back style is plain, and you can enjoy the velveteen luster and the line reminiscent of a large rose.

The generously used velveteen fabric spreads luxuriously from the waistline, creating a beautiful drape.
The front has a solid belt line that contrasts with the volume of the hem to make the waist look slimmer and tighter.
The back is elasticized for a comfortable fit.
With the Lord's Prayer and the print of Christ in gold, it is full of luxury.

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