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L'esquisse de Rubens

レスキス ド ルーベンス 

Drape dress that coexists with art

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Public recognition is indispensable for making a masterpiece a masterpiece.

Rubens, a court painter, sets out to make his own oil paintings.

This work is a print sketch of the oil painting "The garden of love".
Rubens with gorgeous colors and bold composition
I am very passionate about sketches drawn with detailed realism.

For more information, please see this art column (https://juliette-et-justine.com/blogs/art-column).

les fringues

The smooth brush strokes of the master, the soft glossy shantung with the shades of ink printed in beautiful blue, and the blue drape cloth containing purple and gray give the skin color a sense of transparency and bring shine.
By using Yangyanagi as a drape cloth for the body and skirt, the dynamic elements of baroque are expressed in a quiet appearance.
It is a dress that is beautiful from any angle and transforms even the behavior.
By wearing this dress, you may rediscover yourself and Muse, who has a delicate sensibility that is different from humans, always with art, and has inspired people.

avoir de la classe

The silhouette has a high waist and looks slender, and the left side concealed zipper makes it easy to wear.
We use high quality prints with high robustness.
The lining with a silky feel is comfortable to wear in consideration of luxury lingerie, has excellent sweat absorption and quick-drying, and prevents it from losing its shape due to wearing.


Turn the dress over so as not to catch the drape cloth,
put it in the net and wash it.
Shape it and dry it, and if you are worried about wrinkles, use steam to shape it.


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