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L'esquisse de Rubens

レスキス ド ルーベンス 

Drape dress that coexists with art

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There must be public recognition to make a painting a masterpiece.
This design is an arrangement of a sketch for the print of court painter
Rubens' masterpiece "The garden of love,"


The masterful strokes are printed beautifully in shades of blue,
highlighting the smoothness of the fabric.
The soft, glossy satin and the blue drapery with hints of purple-gray
lend transparency to the skin tone, bringing out its radiance.

Les fringues

The high-waisted silhouette creates an illusion of slenderness,
with the willow-like drapery embodying the quiet elegance,
while expressing dynamic elements of the Baroque.
This dress, beautiful from every angle,
transforms the wearer's demeanor.


By wearing this dress,
you may discover yourself as someone with delicate sensibilities,
always in the company of art,
inspiring others like a true Muse, and rediscovering yourself.

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