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La fin du poème


Spinoza's most perverse barbarism and harshest words.
A collage of paintings of the shocking incident.
A dress of despair painted in heavy colors.

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The dark, cloudy colors of the paintings are
like an allegory of the horrific events
that were passed down to future generations.

Cornelis de Witt, as depicted in his portrait
He was slaughtered by the people
who were swallowed up in the black frenzy.

To match the angels and goddesses
who weigh and record the weight of sin
The collage of fruits and flowers shows the richness and fragility of life.
Persian carpets express the cruelty of the passage of time
while weaving in the rise and fall of royalty and nobility.
The Persian carpet expresses the cruelty of the passage of time.

It gives the person who wears this dress a strong beauty
that has nothing to do with insecurity or lack of confidence. It gives a strong beauty to the person who wears it,
a vitality and a sense of joy that transcends ethics.

les fringues

The fabric of the dress is made of shantung,
which expresses the power of a painting as if it were a canvas.


Gathered vintage satin shoulder straps for a decorative look


The dress is finished with an extra thick organza waist ribbon.
The back of the dress is finished with a three-dimensional ribbon.

avoir de la classe

The fringed fabric with ribbons is detachable
and can be used as When not attached to the dress,
it can be used as a blouse bust or hair ornament.

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