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La question fatale


A lucky dress telling a graceful story with a shoulder-to-arm chiffon drape

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Gustave Moreau's Sphinx invites you to an abyss.

The design allowing sways with each movement leaves a trail of beauty.


The sleeve drape is made from chiffon. This drape gently embraces the thickest part of the upper arm.
Layers of sheer nylon are used on the inside of the skirt hem to create a beautiful spread.
The layers of V-shaped tulle at the upper body front makes the waist appear slender. The V-shaped portion is gathered in a way that prevents an engorged look and does not interfere with the body line.
Uncompromising black is adopted as the color for the garment to create a rich texture on a fabric possessing elegant luster.
The left and right shoulder straps secure a breadth that ensures an alluring look from the base of the neck to the décolleté.
The fastener and hook are positioned in the left armpit.
A dress with JeJ proportions. The positioning of the skirt pattern is carefully calculated all the way to the hem to ensure an exquisite balance even when a pannier is not worn. Moreover, this garment maximizes the length of the skirt hem to produce a gorgeous facade when wearing pannier.

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