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Larmes de princesse sirène


It is a mysterious shirring dress
that expresses the joy of falling in love with flowers and shed tears with baroque pearls.

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It is a collaged work
with printed pattern on the fabric based on a golden decoration that represents scales, scattered with flowers and
baroque pearls of 16th century Flemish paintings and an octopus specimen from the marine museum magazine,

and a summer dress that is elegantly light and comfortable to wear both under the sun and indoors, fitting along the body of the
person who wears it as if it was tailored for the person.


Gather the neckline and draw a beautiful décolletage line that matches your body shape.
The waist is with shirred processing for a relaxed fit.
Satin ribbon with a subdued luster makes the waist look thinner.
Creates a beautiful fit and flare silhouette with using highly elastic rubber.
Uses a taut shantung fabric to enhance the elegance that cannot be hidden.
Sleeve that covers up to the elbow makes the arm look slender, and it is also excellent for comfortable temperature control.

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