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L'eau et les nuages

L'eau et les nuages

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Being struck by a cat
In the lost forest

Ahead of a distant line of sight
White light where clouds and water surface mix

Surrounded by constant light
Water lilies in the sleep
Impress the continuous world

If you try to pick it up, it will be out of balance
Blue and purple gradient


Boldly create a print pattern from one painting,
The front of the dress expresses brilliance,
and the back expresses deep color contrast.

Please enjoy the gradation of colors
and the continuous duality of light and shadow that the work has.

Official site renewal commemoration
About the special set

As a site renewal commemorative period
We will sell it as a set with socks recommended by JeJ staff.
The selling price will be the dress price + 3,500 yen (excluding tax).

Official site renewal commemoration
Limited time gift

JeJ's original box, which has been well received every time
If you purchase a dress & socks limited set,
We will deliver it in a special box.
※The pattern of the BOX will be random.

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