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Lumière de l’aube


The beautiful and supple corset line is a symbol of nobility.
The bustle extending from the waist to both sides stands out a beautiful silhouette and gives off elegance.。

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It has been designed to make the waist appear thinner. Aside from the panel line of the upper body, the decorative cloth attached to both sides of the waist is chiffon, and the organdy is carefully layered on the inside to give it lightness and elasticity, and is three-dimensionally tailored.
For the print, we have selected a special black color, so it will appear deep and dark on the elegant luster that is characteristic of the fabric.
The appearance of the left and right shoulder straps, as well as their width, is made with a width specification that beautifully shows off the base of the neck and the décolletage.
Fasteners and hooks are on the backside, making it easy to put on and take off, even when wearing a pannier.
A JeJ ratio dress. The print arrangement of the skirt is calculated up to the hem, and is designed to have a beautiful balance even when you are not wearing a pannier. Additionally, the length around the hem of the skirt is maximized, so that it can be worn even more gorgeously with a pannier.

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