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Maison de Poupée

メゾン ドゥ プペ

The doll house in the collection of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.
leading you into a world rich in history and elegance.

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Born into a wealthy family in the Dutch Golden Age,
Petronella Oortman and her doll's house.

The magnificent mansion, which shines through the thin curtains,
Leads you into a world richer in history and elegance.


printing of heavy wooden window frames,
on the overskirt, when you open it,
The interior of a classical doll's house,
appears on the inner skirt,
which gives you the exaltation,
when you open the door of a classical doll's house.

Les fringues

Surrounded by deep green forest,
landed an old and historic Maison.
Knock on the door knocker of the dignified lion.
The lobby appears before you.
Gorgeous baroque sculptures are displayed on either side of a large staircase.
The gleam of the well-treated wood,
the dazzling gold luster.
A discreet elegance lurks amidst the opulence.


The collar is square at the front
and V-line at the back,
which let you enjoy the elegance,
and the change of expression of this dress.
Matching with burgundy or gold khaki shoes,
you can created a more exquisite look.

Avoir de la classe

Through the thin curtains, we can see through,
the magnificent house.
Like the grace with which a lady is born,
Discreet and unobtrusive.
But you can feel it through the smallest gesture she makes.
So small that no one pays any attention.
Ruby, Emerald.
Which one would help you to create your own dignity?

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