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Mangeurs de beauté

マンジェル ドゥ ボテ

A collaboration with Contemporary Artist・Eimi Suzuki.
A soul-churning realm composed of flesh, female body and mythology.
A twisted world mixed with anatomy ,
and full of beauty and redemption.

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Dressy dress printed with
Eimi Suzuki's artwork”Epicure Gourmet”.
Welcome, my ladies
to a distorted, but beautiful and sensational world.


Eimi Suzuki's artwork 'Epicure Gourmet',
”The noble born eating only splendid food”
A collage of her own paintings with masterpieces.
Swan, raw meat, head,
The noble ladies,
paying no heed to the reason of the world,
They only take what they think is beautiful into their mouth.
"Manger", the most savage and basic cycle of life,
also the highest respect for life.

Les fringues

A large print that,
gently lengthening from front to back.
The fusion with the triple ruffle gives the soft fabric,
more strength and volume.
Like a flower bud that blooms in an instant every time you move,
showing the grace and power that cannot be ignored.
When she appears,
It takes over the whole space and people's attention.
Pair with an intricate lace top and a gorgeous headpiece,
for a more luxurious and elegant look.


Stretching on the chest,
the bow in the colours of Violacé Grisé.
Made of chiffon with a silvery metallic sheen.
Inside we used Shape-memory material,
to make the bow like a queen who never bows down,
to abandon her grace and dignity,
no matter what the situation is,
always standing confidently and majestically at the top.

Avoir de la classe

What is beauty, what is elegance.
they will all be defined by the noble ladies.
when the "beauty" 's heart stops beating,
loses its light in its eyes,
it will go down their throat.
”The noble born eating only splendid food”,
No one is given the right to doubt them.
They are the gluttons of beauty.
They are the definers and guides of beauty.

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