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Panier de fleurs


We gathered and collaged the richness and beauty of Flemish paintings on shantung

made it like a painting on canvas.

It invites you to a beautiful garden full of peonies, hydrangeas, and lilacs.

End of sale

Imagine the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland
I collaged the paintings.

Dominate with overwhelming power, like everyone lie down
It is composed of motifs that represent the passion and strength of her queen.

The red drape print is the canopy cloth of the Queen's throne
It gives light and shadow to violent beauty.
The peacock is a symbol of arrogance and the swan is a symbol of nobility.

Wearing this dress will give you strength and beauty I promise.
Release your inner passion like the Queen of Hearts.

les fringues

simple design also allows for a wide range of coordination.

The ruffled blouse and lace-up boots create a classic look.

And a Chic feeling with a high neck knit and pumps

Add a pearl necklace and a lace outerwear for a party,

or adjust the silhouette by wearing or without the pannier,

you can wear this dress in any season and any occasion.


An eternally elegant style that is not affected by trends and never gets old.

This is a dress that will stay with you and continue to make your time wonderful.

avoir de la classe

Vert Tisane (Yellow): A greenish-yellow that can give you a taste of happiness

Poivre Vert (Green): inspired by green pepper that has a kind of intense change in the mildness.

Lepidolite (Purple): inspired by the purple lepidolite, a kind of delicate purple like it`s going to vanish like a puff of smoke.

All of the prints are made with traditional French colors to give them depth and dimension.



JeJ's dresses are finished with robust prints and stitching that keeps them in place,

so it doesn't take a lot of time or effort to take care of it.


You can simply wash it at home .

Turn dress inside out and place in washing net.

Then wash it in the laundry machine on a delicate course with detergent that does not contain bleaching ingredients.

Just by hanging it on a hanger to dry,

then you can have a beautiful silhouette of the dress without ironing it.

If there are slight wrinkles, apply some steam.


The gorgeous color around the collar area will brightens up your face color.

The square neckline has a visual effect of making the neck look longer and the face look smaller.

The side zippers make it easy to put on and take off,

and design seam on both sides create a clear shape of the upper body and leg-lengthening silhouette.

The pattern matching from the waist to the hem of the skirt ,

each piece is carefully sewn by skilled craftsmen.


The lining is using soft and highly breathable fabric that feels smooth against the skin.

Although it`s not visible from the outside,

the lining gathers the skirt hem to create a beautiful silhouette that flows from the waist.