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Parapluie La Reve Illusoire

パラプリュイ ラ レーヴ イリュゾワール

Appear on a rainy day“百鬼夜行”
Unisex rain umbrella
with a surprising mechanism

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Shigeru Mizuki×Juliette et Justine collaboration

Introducing a rain umbrella that prints Shigeru Mizuki's "Yokai Genso".
Since the entire inner fabric is patterned,
the person holding the umbrella can fully enjoy the design.

Under the umbrella is like your own museum.
The outside is dark blue and has a calm atmosphere,
but the unique mechanism that makes youkai stand out
when exposed to rain.

One more fun on a rainy day,
This one brings you a secret uplifting feeling.

The shape of the umbrella is a pagoda type with an elegant curve,
The tip of the umbrella and the handle are bamboo.

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