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Passer la nuit

Passer la nuit

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A crescent moon in the blue night sky.
To live a life full of pleasures,
they offered their future to a beast with two horns.

Hiding behind the frightened face.
The witch spreads her black wings
layered on her back

Dancing, Falling, Smiling

The villagers, aware of her cruel identity.
To prevent her from escaping.
Locking her in the black collar.

violent, silent, smiling

The blue witch does not tell the truth.


The printing is Francisco Goya’s “Witches’ Sabbath”
Printed on matte and smooth textured crepe de chine fabric
Switching under the chest

The chiffon frills from the top of the shoulders to the back are
inspired by the imagine of feathers that grow on witches.

To fit better, the back of the dress is made by shirring.
The waist ribbon is long enough to do arrangements
like tying a bow at the front and back of the waist,
or you can wrap it around your neck like a choker
as shown in the photo.

Official site renewal commemoration
About the special set

As a site renewal commemorative period
We will sell it as a set with socks recommended by JeJ staff.
The selling price will be the dress price + 3,500 yen (excluding tax).

Official site renewal commemoration
Limited time gift

JeJ's original box, which has been well received every time
If you purchase a dress & socks limited set,
We will deliver it in a special box.
※The pattern of the BOX will be random.

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