- Poupée -



This is a tulle lace blouse
that accentuates the dignity of the dress

End of sale

The French poem below the product name
in the top image is an excerpt
from Apollinaire's poem "Birds and Blooms”.

What can I say about this bird?
Or should I say that it transformed magically?
The soul becomes a song on a twig
The heart becomes the sky, the sky becomes a rose

The light chiffon fabric allows you to faintly see the beautiful skin
The tulle lace that embroidered with delicate flowers is sparingly used

The neckline shows off your collarbone in the most beautiful way
Round neck with a sharp collar
The overlapping of lace frills that make the most of the transparency
Looking at it is like looking at an elegant masterpiece

It will not affect the silhouette of the dress
With invisible zipper, it is more convenient for you to put on and take off

The lace ruffles spread from below the elbow
Adding a beautiful shadow and dignity to the dress and skin
Giving it a unique presence