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Théâtre et amoureux

A Dress with the glamour decoration like the Opera house,
which could let you enjoy your time
and shine like no one else.

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This print was inspired by the balcony seats of the Opera House in Paris.
Imagine a world with fantasy.
Imagine a theatre with beautiful and flamboyant decorations,
on the balcony seating, all kinds of different Audience
from noblemen to children and animals,
They are all focusing on the shining stage.

les fringues

This dress is a Metafiction world.
All audience painted in this dress,
They all know what roles they are playing and required .
What role are you playing in your life?someone might be looking at you right now.
what kind of show are you playing , what kind of role you will be,
these are might just a play and this is the message we try to convey from the dress.

avoir de la classe

You can choose what kind of actress or what kind of role you want to play.
You can be The Virgin of growth and protection, or a hero represent courage and challenge,
or a trickster for the destruction and renewal of order.
All as you want.


The Gold color is associated with passion and overwhelming beauty.
The Silver color is associated with harmonious grace and deep intelligence.


We recommend wearing it with a blouse and dress petticoat.
The lace around the bust will make the dress look even more gorgeous.
Layering it with the petticoat will add more length and create a different style.

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