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[ Travelogue ] Travelogue De Die Sterntaler / Star Money

トラヴェローグ ドゥ ディー シュテルンターラー

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What does a girl think when she indulges
in the world of books on a quiet night?
Beyond time and space, glittering and pouring from the stars.
To the silver coin born of a clean heart
To the silver coin created by a pure heart...


The first issue of "Dragelogue" has a silver coin pattern of stars ...

The fluffy silhouette of the print
The soft silhouette gently wraps the world of the print.

f you put on your favorite cardigan or hoodie from Bordeaux,
You can wear it with a different taste from the dress version.

Official site renewal commemoration
About the special set

As a site renewal commemorative period
We will sell it as a set with socks recommended by JeJ staff.
The selling price will be the dress price + 3,500 yen (excluding tax).

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