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Viola dans la brume

Viola dans la brume

Gentle pale purple pink like violets

A light dress that sways like a thin smoke with the light of a candle

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Fascinating and gentle, three shantungs are layered on each S-shaped frill,

Like the feathers of a white moss soaring, like the smoke of incense that grows gentlyく

Add a light airy feeling.

Shoulder straps and front body Ribbon with luxurious organdy and lace, a purveyor of top-notch maisons

The first place that stretches your spine just by wearing it.

The pearl decoration on the chest gives elegance like an aristocratic lady.

The pale pink of pale lilac adds to the calm and romantic.

Recommended coordination is a princess sleeve blouse and a lira-colored dress petticoat.

Dress The beautiful frills of a petticoat are very elegant when you look through the hem.

You can also make a dress that has elegance in its gorgeousness.

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