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The painting printed on the dress is the Portrait of Frederika Sophia Wilhelmina,
princess of Prussia painted by Friedrich Reclam in 1767
where the princess is in a medallion with allusions to her marriage
to Prince William V in Berlin on 4 October, 1767.

I made a collage with the portrait and fruits,
including and especially a pomegranate.
In the world of Western painting, pomegranates often symbolize fertility,
prosperity, immortality and resurrection.

The combination of the theme of the portrait
and the implications of the pomegranate used as a motif
- please feel and enjoy the two implications of the collage work
by wearing the dress.


Official site renewal commemoration
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As a site renewal commemorative period
We will sell it as a set with socks recommended by JeJ staff.
The selling price will be the dress price + 3,500 yen (excluding tax).

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